We created Iberia Spedition to provide our customers with three reliable services: transport, expedition and logistics. And the main goal of Iberia Spedition is to help collaborators save time and money. By taking that into consideration, nowadays we live in a world where those working in the area of transportation have developed a series of principles, among which efficiency prevails. Due to this fact, Iberia Spedion aligns its activity with the norms imposed by them.

However, we do it with passion and respect for our clients. Thus, through our services we mediate the relationship between you and the carrier. We are committed to find the best means of transportation, according to the needs and products you plan to transport. Iberia Spedition services refer to general merchandise and include several types of road transport: international and domestic transport, complete transport and groupage of goods.

We guarantee safety with respect to each transport and we provide dedicated support throughout the entire process. This recommends us as a trustworthy firm with a vast experience. But this does not prevent us from becoming better every day.

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